Friday, March 23, 2007

The Answers.

I had fun asking the questions... and it looks like some of you had fun answering them! Hopefully this post will fill you in on the *correct* answers and you might find out something about me that you didn't know before... so here goes!

#1 I went to see the Statue of Liberty when I was...

The correct answer is three, although most of you thought it was eight. I've always bemoaned the fact that I've never seen the Statue of Liberty, or at least, remember seeing the Statue of Liberty! So I do have a plan in place to rectify that with a little trip sometime in May to the Big Apple and to Lady Liberty!

#2 I am the happy auntie to...
6 nieces and nephews
7 nieces and nephews
8 nieces and nephews
9 nieces and nephews

While we could be technical about it and say I only have 6 for the time being, I choose to agree with God and see each life as precious and valuable, including two that are waiting to make their grand debuts! Little Ethan's might be as early as this weekend, while Briana has a little bit more to go.

#3 I am the youngest of...
4 children
5 children
6 children
7 children

Again, we could be technical and say I'm the youngest of 5 children, but half-siblings do count for something, right? My oldest (half) brother Jack and my oldest (half) sister Sherrie are pretty special to me, even if they don't think so :o). Filling up the rest of the order are Mary, Tom, Michelle, and Phil. That would be seven, Tiffany, not six;o).

#4 I have moved (how many times?) in my life...

The number was twice, but where Paula got hung up was in the fact I've lived in Bethlehem, Bath, and now Emmaus:o).

#5 How tall am I?
5 foot 1/2
5 foot 1
5 foot 1 1/2
5 foot 2

When asked how tall I am, the emphasis is usually placed on "5 foot 1 AND A HALF!". That half inch is very important to me, as I'm teased enough by my "taller" friends for being short. (And why is it that almost all of my friends are so tall?!?)

#6 My favorite color is...
sky blue
pale violet
velvet green
sun yellow

Hands down, it's blue. My very first post will attest to this fact. A close second favorite would be, of course, pink!

#7 If I was given a free afternoon, I would choose...
talking on the phone
reading a book
taking a drive
watching a movie

If I was given a free afternoon, I would not choose talking on the phone or watching a movie and most of you knew that! But it got a little tricky with the other two options and I think the majority chose reading a book, but alas! My very first choice would be taking a drive, although I should include the words "spring, summer, and fall" in there. When it comes to winter, I would much rather stay at home and read a book rather than drive in the messy weather!

#8 At a party, you will find me...
starting the games off
laughing loudly
wanting to leave early
sitting talking with two or three friends

I almost never want to leave a party (unless I'm sick or extremely tired... and even then I would tough it out!), but you would normally find me sitting in a corner having a cozy chat with a couple of friends. Some of the most thought-provoking conversations have occured during a party! But usually in the end I'll join up with the games and laugh loudly;o).

#9 I am ...
easily bored

Without a doubt, this one wins hands-down. Just today I was given the opportunity to go to Missouri next week with a lady from church and her daughters, but the voice of reason and logic won out (missing work, $$$, a babysitting commitment with two sweet girls in our church, etc). Let me tell ya, I was sorely tempted to say yes! A road trip.... man, that's tough to turn down!

#10 If I could meet a Bible character, he would be...

My Bible hero (outside of Christ) is Paul. Acts has long been my favorite NT book, and it captures a lot of the life of Paul. While going through Bible Institute, Pauline Epistles (1 and 2) stand out to me as some of my favorite classes!

#11 I love to...
plan and organize
read and write
design and decorate
cook and bake

Are you surprised at this answer??? I think I threw a few of you for a loop! The one you can definitely eliminate from the list is design and decorate. I like to decorate but I certainly lack the talents of Rachel and other friends in the designing area, so this is definitely "not me". I do like to cook and bake; however, I was raised as a meat-n-potato girl, so you won't normally find me coming up with culinary delights. So given the choice of planning and organizing or reading and writing, I will, 8 times out of 10, choose planning and organizing. That's not to say that reading and writing won't win out, because I'm pretty routine with reading (about 45 minutes before bed) and I write when I write (as evidenced by the smattering of posts you'll get here and there!). So that's why my friend Michelle loved to give me an unorganized room to work with... she knew my love of organization!

#12 I clean out my room and closet...
every 3 months
every 6 months
every 9 months
every 12 months

I shouldn't have to explain this answer (refer back to #11 if you wonder why!), and I just got done going through my room and closet last week! Paula and I want to have a yard sale come Aprilish-Mayish (right Paula?!?), and so now I'm beginning to gather goodies together! (Just don't walk into our spare room; the one half of the room is covered with "stuff"!)

#13 My favorite books to read are...
Christian fiction
inspirational stories
missionary biographies

My friend gave me a book last Sunday entitled "If I Perish" and I couldn't put it down! I read it in two days and was amazed by this one lady's faith. I plan on doing a post about it soon.

#14 My longest missions trip (to date!) was...
13 days
9 days
15 days
10 days

My South African trip was the longest and the farthest one! Lord willing, my Thailand trip will move into first place for being the longest and farthest. I've started looking at airline tickets and I'm playing around with dates, praying for the right ticket at the right time!

#15 If given a free trip, I would want to go visit...
South Africa

I've told both missionary wives in Chile I would like to visit them next summer, and I've never really had a desire to go to Australia, but Scotland has been burned on my heart since July 1999. At that time, Bro. Jim Males came and preached on 1 Corinthians 16:9 ~"For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries." I have never forgotten that Wednesday night service, and as a result, have always wanted to go to Scotland. Will I get there? If the Lord chooses so.

So there you have it!

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Thanks, Anne, for posting the "answers"! :-)
It was fun to read...!