Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Admit Defeat.

For the guys that are reading, I'm really sorry this post won't pertain to you at all. But for the girlies reading, I have a major question girls like to ask:

How, oh how, do you keep nylons from snagging, running, tearing, and anything else????


Ok, I feel a little bit better:o).

But it really is a serious question! The way Murphy's law ("the facetious proposition that if something can go wrong, it will.") works for me is that no sooner do I go buy a pair and wear them once, then I wind up with one of the above mentioned problems. And of course the school I work at requires me to wear closed toe shoes, which rules out sandals (bummer), and who wants to wear sneakers 5 times a week with a nice outfit anyway?!? So that leaves me with the option of buying nylons more often than I care to admit.

So with all that said, does anyone have a tip for my poor nylons that I just bought and are (at the moment!) runner-free? I really don't feel like supporting the nylon industry as often as I do:o). Let me know what works for you!


lizzykristine said...

I don't have any such tips, but I ran across one just two days ago:
A couple posts back is "Frugal Fridays: hosiery tip" :)
Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Sorry don't have any tips to prevent tights running.

Can you not have bare legs where you work? If you can then why not wear tight socks with your closed in shoes...

If your tights do snag though or run I find a drop of clear nail varnish - if I catch it in time before it's a major (!) ladder helps.

English Girl:-)

Anonymous said...

well, i remember that dilema quite well... I just wore sneakers. Sneakers and a nice outfit always match at EBA! :) -Kay-

Abigail said...

Can you wear closed toe shoes with no stockings? That's what I do sometimes.

Rachel said...

I feel your pain... :(

But I have no tips for you.

Just thought I'd let you know that your post made me that unsympathtic of me? :o)

AMarylandGirl said...

If it was me, I'd buy some ballet flats and NOT wear nylons. :) I hate nylons and always snag/ rip/ tear/ mutilate them. And then, see, you'd get to buy shoes instead of nylons which is infinitely more enjoyable. :)

Anne said...

Thanks girls for all the comments:o). Unfortunately for me, I have to wear nylons or socks with shoes, so that eliminates a lot of options:(. Thanks for all the ideas!!!:o).

Happymama said...

Anne, can you not just stand still all day and not move? That would probably work. HA! Just kidding.

Nylons are terrible. I despise them. But I do wear them. Sandals WOULD indeed help your problem, but since they are forbidden........don't know what to tell ya. Sorry. I've been absolutely no help at all. LOL

Happy Nylonning. Is that a word?


Katina said...

How about knee socks and casual/slip on shoes? I can't think of the word for the shoes I mean (I'm a brain dead Mom!) know, they have a buckle over the that a "loafer"?

I like knee socks if I have a long dress. Plus, there are a lot of fun styles, argyle, stripes, florals, etc. They are fun and they don't get runners, and they are more comfy. However, they don't help to uh..."squeeze everything in" like nylons do! :)

Katie said...

Use fingernail polish at the end of the run. Should keep it from running any farther. Also, if you use full leg nylons, you can cut off the leg that ran, save the one that didn't. Eventually, after saving a few half-pairs you'll hopefully have another half pair that complements it on the other leg. Just don't wear a mini skirt. =)