Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Days.

The day is always great when I get to see two nephews;o). We celebrated my brother-in-law's 33rd birthday (I say we but it was really a guy party... I was just there to help with the food and babysit!), so my sister's camera was flashing away... with me behind it;o). No new pictures with the nephews, so I dug into the archives for these two (of course I dug a little farther for the first one, seeing that Ethan is only 16 days old!):o).

What a happy day! *Sigh* I was just thanking the Lord yesterday for the opportunity to enjoy all of my nephews and nieces while I can...God is so good, Amen?!?

Happy Sunday!

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Mary Engesetter said...

I love the way your shirts match in the top photo. How adorable is that??!!