Monday, April 9, 2007

UPS Delivers Smiles:o).

As I was preparing to leave the Post Office today, I noticed a UPS worker handing a package over to the girl behind the counter. Unfazed by the fact a UPS worker was delivering to the Post Office, she calmly signed for the package. I just shook my head and smiled to myself as I headed for the door. Ironic! But it did provide some humor:o).


Abbi said...

This is similar to something that has happened once or twice to me. I get a UPS delivery confirmation # for something that I ordered, but the item gets delivered by my mailman! UPS delivers it to my local post office to deliver to me with a sticker from BOTH carriers on it. Even though the "box man" (UPS guy) frequently visits our porch, certain packages just "have" to go the way of the post office. Weird!

Rachel Marie said...

Ha! That IS funny!!! :-D