Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just A Year Ago.

One year ago today I came home from the Czech Republic. This trip was different than my last trip; this trip took me into the countryside of the Czech Republic, far and away from the busyness of the capital city of Prague. The days were long, but full of blessings and the timing was just right, like it always is:o).

(Waiting at Dulles International Airport)

(Welcome to Prague!)

(Can you see the jet lag on my face?!?)

(Spillberk Castle... just one of many in this quaint country)

(At the beautiful castle and flower gardens of Lednice)

(Bosov ~ yet another castle)

(My friend Gina and I in front of Bosov... during this trip, Gina entered a courtship with a young man and got married at the beginning of this year. Now she and her husband are expecting their first child!)

(Towards the end of the trip, we quick drove across the border into Austria; a little dream of mine since a lot of my dad's family comes from this part of the world!)

(The beautifl Deye River)

(The Prague Castle... this city is so magnificent, but still lives in spiritual darkness)

This missions trip was blessed in several different ways. For one thing, I didn't go over with my church, but rather with a sister church in MD. That they had only one opening left 5 weeks before the trip was only God and that I was able to earn all the money in those 5 short weeks was nothing short of a miracle from God! I also learned a lot about being flexible on that trip and working with people that I really didn't know (except the missionary family, the team leader and his wife; that changed after the trip:o).

Each missions trip is another opportunity to learn something new. With 24 days until I leave, I have a feeling my next missions trip won't lack in the "teaching" department... I only pray that I have a teachable spirit!

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Tiffany said...

24 days?!?! Is that all? Well I guess it is less now since this is an older post! Will it do any good if I beg you to stay? hahahaha No, I know God will use this time in your life greatly - I will just be looking forward to you coming back. :-)