Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh The Memories!

This past weekend was the first time we did anything "tourist-y" since I've gotten to Thailand. Although that is not why I came, it's always nice to take a peak at the country I'm in! For Susie's birthday (which was Monday) we girls bought her a ticket to go to the aquarium in Bangkok, and the day was full of memories from start to finish (refer back to my last post if you need a reminder as to how it started!!!)

For starters, we decided taking a taxi for the 45 minute drive would be much more preferable over going on a bus (which could be standing room only on an air conditioner-less bus -nothankyou!) So Pookie, April, Psalm, and I squeezed into the back seat while Susie got to enjoy all the leg room in the front:o). Going on a Saturday meant tons of traffic, so we held that position until we were in the middle of Bangkok when Psalm couldn't stand the crampness anymore. When our taxi driver got out of the car to ask directions from another taxi driver, Psalm and Susie pulled a Chinese fire-drill and a much more relieved Psalm got to stretch her legs in the front seat:o).

After getting to the aquarium, and deciding that we all were starving (!), we went to the huge food court and just stared at all the people... I'm not exaggerating if I say there were 600-800 people there! Finding a table proved to be an interesting feat; we finally snagged one and rushed off in the direction of:

Burger King!

Yes people, I come all the way to Thailand and all any of us could think about was Burger King (well, Pookie wanted Subway but couldn't find it:D).

Susie and I ordered our meals first and I kid you not that their service was the fastest I have ever had!!! I ordered it and within 10 seconds I had the food on my tray!

Psalm and April

The aquarium was pretty cool (it was even better than the one I saw in Camden, NJ!) and the ticket was $13.00 which included a free drink, popcorn, ice cream and a 4-D movie... not too bad, although after the movie Pookie, in her blunt way, came out and said, "That movie was dumb!"

We also got to go on a glass-bottom boat. That was a little cheesy, but hey, at least they tried and we got to see some cool sharks and fish:o).

Susie in the "rainforest".
Psalm ~ always smiling... always happy:o).

We couldn't leave without watching the last five minutes of the Little Mermaid on these shark body pillows:o).

And then we celebrated Susie's birthday on Monday night with some gifts, a "cake" (we went to MIXES International Culinary School to learn how to open that pre-packaged cake-snack:D), and some quotes on getting older and some other things. Tuesday night we are going to a Lebanese restaurant in Bangkok... Susie's choice!

The whole weekend was very pleasant and we girls had a great time! April and Susie leave in two weeks, which is not going to be a happy occasion, so we're trying to do as much as possible with them before they leave.

Posting may be sporadic, but before the posts can be written, the memories gotta be made:o).

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