Friday, June 22, 2007

The Irony Of It All...

Although I doubt that most missionaries stuff tissues in their ears, Bro. Tom is the exception!

But I really couldn't blame him... after asking one of the bowling lane employees for headphones and having that interpreted for "beer" (don't ask me how they got that out of headphones!), Bro. Tom came up with his own alternative to help block out the rather obnoxious loud speaker talking these two people were doing.

So after a fun evening of bowling and cramming us 5 girls into one of those photo booth-thingys, we came home and began to discuss what we were going to do for today. To fully appreciate this post would mean listening in on a conversation we girls had around 8:30 PM Friday night:

April: "What time do we want to go to the aquarium in the morning?"

Susie and Anne: {Cringe} "The later, the better!"

(A few minutes later...)

April: "Ok, so what time do we want to leave? Do we want to take a taxi, bus, or go with Bro. Tom?"

Susie: "What time is Bro. Tom leaving?"

April: "Um, let me check..."

(April checks with Bro. Tom and finds out that he's leaving around 10:30)

Anne: "So why don't we go to town with Bro. Tom" {cringe} "at 10:30?"

Susie: "Well, at least it isn't 8:30."

April: "Yeah, it's Saturday morning!"

Anne: "Ok, so 10:30 it is!"

So after watching a movie and heading off to bed around midnight, it seemed like such a good idea to sleep in on Saturday morning; especially after a week of learning video editing. So with happy thoughts of sleeping in, we all traipsed off to bed.

At 5:30 AM Saturday morning, I found myself standing next to the desk in the bedroom answering the rather loud ringing of the phone.

Me: {Very sleepy} "Hello?" (At least I hope that's what I said!)

Man: "Hello?"

Me: {Becoming more awake} "Hello?"

Man: "This is _____ (some newspaper place). We would like to offer you the _____ Paper for only $2.80 a week!!!! (Waaaaay too excited about this deal!)

Me: "Hello?"

Man: "Ummm, do you know your zipcode?"

Me: "No."

Man: "You don't? Do you live in Texas?"

Me: "NO! I live in THAILAND!"

Man: "Thailand?" {He must have been an educated idiot or something.}

Me: "Yes, Thailand."

{Silence on the other end}

Me: "This is a Vonage phone."

Man: "Oh... um, o-kaaaaay. I'll, um, I'll call back later. Bye."

Me: Yeah, bye."

By this time, I am fully awake. I stare at the clock and I just want to cry. Does this man realize what he just did to my sleep? I mean, I didn't even get the full 8 hours I normally need!

As I walk downstairs into our rather humid living room, I flop on the chair and just think to myself, "Murphy. Murphy's Law." Murphy strikes again!

Edited to add:

I laughed when I read this e-mail from my mom... the irony of it all!

"Hi Anne,
Good morning! Hope and pray you had a good night's sleep."


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