Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chatuchak, Take Two.

We went back to Chatuchak today and had a great time! Our taxi driver dropped us off at a different location then the last time we went to Chatuchak which worked out really well because we came in the back way and saw a whole new section of the market that we hadn't seen before! Bro. Gary was only going to buy one thing, but let's just say he spent 1,000 baht:o).

They had some really neat magnets here... not just your typical-run-of-the-mill junk, but the shop owner wasn't a big fan of bargaining apparently! I did buy two magnets and Bro. Gary bought six:o).

Because we got to the market around 10ish, the crowd was very light and the weather wasn't too bad... by 12:30 it was hot and crowded, so we got out of there! It was worth waking up early on a Saturday morning to go shopping!

Once we were done with Chatuchak, we went to Baiyoke Hotel, which is the tallest building in Thailand... the view was very neat and we even got to go on a rotating track that took us all around the outside of the building at the top...

I was pretty impressed with the size of this city.... we could see all the way to the horizon with no end in sight!

The breeze felt sooo wonderful on our faces... let me tell ya: there's nothing "breezy" about Thailand! This was the first time I was outside that I wasn't really hot, so I guess having our heads in the clouds this time was a good thing;o).

Looking at this picture makes the rest of the buildings look so small!

This tuk-tuk was very tiny! I think only one person is supposed to ride in the back, but Psalm and I squeezed in!

Psalm decided to sit in the elevator since we had to go down over 50 floors before we reached the Lobby on the 18th floor:o).

It was another pleasant day here in the land of smiles and sweat:o). Have a great weekend ya'll!


Happymama said...

Wow, you were really high up. I felt my head swimming just looking at the picture...not really. But it was definitely high. Looks like you had a great time. So what is the exchange rate for 1000 baht?


Anne said...

It was pretty high Kristi:o). 1000 baht is about $30.00... depending on the day of course;o).

Happymama said...

When we lived in Germany the rate, of course, changed everyday. Of course, the numbers were a lot closer together. LOL Thanks for the lesson in bahts. :)