Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Day Off:o).

Since all the guys left on Wednesday, Miss Krinny was sweet enough to give us the day off today!!! What a nice thing to do, especially since all of us girls have been getting to bed late and getting up early, particularly Psalm. So sleeping in was sooo nice today:o). Psalm and I decided to clean our townhouse since we'll be gone on Saturday. So after everything was all nice and clean, I decided to take you on a visual tour of what we call "home sweet home" for now:o).

The light blue town houses are where we live... the Gaudets are on the left and our home is on the right.

When you first walk in the door you enter our living room. This is where we meet for prayer each morning, where we have services, and where we fellowship and hang out each evening:o).

Our "dining room". I like the way the living room and dining room flow together. You could be sitting on the couch and taking part of what's going on here... lovely!

Just an overview of the downstairs...

Our stove, counter, sink, and washing machine!

Our cupboard... and a peak into the Gaudets kitchen. Of course since I'm so short I can barely see over the wall:o).

Originally after April and Susie left, I was going to move into this room but it was just too hot at night!!! (And we're too cheap to run two air cons at night;o). So we decided to keep this room as the dressing room...

... and this room as where we sleep!

And that's our humble abode:o). I like cleaning the house because there's only one carpet (in the living room) and the rest is tile. The kitchen and bathrooms are so easy to clean because you just throw water on the floor, scrub away, and the water goes down the shower drain! Nice:o).


Happymama said...

Anne, everything was nice and clean and I love all the red. Very pretty. Thanks for the tour.


Abbi said...

I loved, loved, loved the tour!! Thanks for sharing!! So where do you work? Or DO you work?? :)

And those tile floors with the drains sound wonderful! I think we need them in our kitchen and bathroom...with the drain squarely beneath our kitchen table! A Mommy's delight.

Katina said...

Thanks for the pictures!!! I enjoyed getting a feel of what your home in Thailand is like!!!

Rachel said...

Waaaaa!!! I miss my Krisadanakon home!!! :o) Thanks for all the pictures.

I'm surprised you still have the pictures of the three of us up there! You have my permission to take them down. ;)

Okay, I just realized that I have left three comments on your blog in less than fifteen minutes. Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading?

Anne said...

Thanks Kristi:o)

Abbi - You'll (hopefully!) see where we *ahem* work in the video that I bring back with me;o). And I totally agree with the drains! America needs to get moving on this situation:o).

Katina - I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! If I ever start getting "homesick" after I get back to PA, I'll know I have pictures to look at;o).

Rachel - Heehee... this place does get a grip on you, huh?!? Miss Krinny suggested that as girls come and go, their pictures get added to the wall... so we're going to be putting up more pictures and ya'lls picture is definitely staying up:o).