Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Flurry Of Lasts.

The last couple of days have been a flurry of lasts... for April and Susie anyway! They went one last time to Bangkok... one last time to church... one last time time to the food court at the mall... one last time for a foot massage... There were a lot of "lasts" but there are also a lot of "firsts" awaiting them!!! I really enjoyed getting to know them; some people become "instant" friends and that was the case with April and Susie (or as Psalm says, "Apple" and "Zoosy":D). We took them to the airport last night and hung out at Black Canyon Coffee (I had a gelato thankyouverymuch!... NOT coffee:o) until about 11:45 PM. With hopes of seeing April in August, it wasn't good-bye, but see ya later! Such is life when you know missionaries:o). Here are some pictures... worth a thousand words each, huh?!?

Enjoying ourselves at the food court with some delicious Thai food!

Susie hanging out at her favorite lunchtime supplier ~ the soup man! He lost some business with Susie leaving:o)

April finishing up her last day at the office:o)

The *only* complete group shot we had taken... at least we got a picture:o)

Good-bye April and Susie!
It's not the same without you around...


Happymama said...

I'm sure you miss them, Anne. The shot of Susie by the soup man's cart is a really good picture of her. It's nice to meet God's people and become a kindred spirit with them...on the other side of the world...and know you WILL see them again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anne! Looks like your having a great trip, when exactly do you get back to PA? I'm praying for you -Kay-

Anne said...

Kristi ~ I agree:o) And now I have good reasons to go visit Louisana and Texas;o).

Kay ~ The Lord has been really blessing my trip! I'm supposed to come home on August 16th, but I might conveniently "lose" my ticket;o). Thanks for praying!