Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ruins, Elephants, And A Few Tears.

Bro. Tom suggested we visit Ayutthaya on Saturday, so that's what we did! It was a nice "half-day" trip that yielded some amazing sights...

~ The Chao Praya River that skirts around the city ~

~ Some "non-ruined" ruins:o) ~

~ In the middle of the day, we went to a "retirement" center for elephants... crazy, I know! We were so excited to see three baby elephants just hanging out with the big dudes! These two were especially cute as they kept falling into what looked like a water pool (except it had no water... so it was more like a hole in the ground!). I don't recall the last time I was this close to elephants (before coming to Thailand that is!)... oh wait, I remember - never:o). It was pretty neat to interact with the elephants. ~

~ Psalm's not a short girl... probably five six or five seven. As you can see, this guy is still towering over her! Maybe the chain wrapped around his ankle had something to do with him not stepping on Psalm;o). ~

~ I thought it was a cool looking tree. ~

~Krinny told us that this wat is built after Ankor Wat in Cambodia. Regardless of whether it is or not, Psalm and I decided to climb to the top... MISTAKE! I don't mind heights, but that's because I'm usually tucked safely behind a wall or something. Climbing up these stairs was a little scary, to say the least! The steps were crumbing and they were probably only 6 inches wide. While the view was pretty neat, I wouldn't recommend doing this... unless your type of "fun" is sky diving and rock climbing;o). I was very happy to make it back down to ground:D.~

~ Just in case I didn't realize I was leaving, this reminds me! Romphrakhun Baptist Church is where we attend church in Thailand and today was my last service (for now!) at RBC. Lord willing, I will see the brethren here again in the future... like next summer:o). What good memories I have here... it's amazing that the Lord can cross a language barrier and speak to my heart week in and week out! ~

At church today they showed a power point presentation of a man who was a missionary to Thailand and died here. The following is a poem he wrote, and I felt it was appropriate to post as I prepare to go home. If I was given the choice, I would stay in Thailand rather than go home, but that is not God's will for me right now. A few tears came to my eyes as I read the poem and realized that God is going to be guiding me each step of the way, the whole way!

"Thy Will Be Done"

Help me, oh God as I obey
Your will for me, where ever I be
Let not my will, but thine be done,
On earth below or when I am gone.

Your will for me is not to stay
And this is clear for me today
So I must leave and go away.
Stil in that country I must stay.

Uphold me, Lord, and comfort me,
I obey, help me to pray
The words of Christ the same I say,
Let not my will but Thine be done.
~ Albert Padura ~

Please pray for me as I go home on Wednesday...


Abbi said...

Awww! We prayed for you in Sunday School this morning and I will continue to pray that the Lord will comfort your heart as you return! I'm sure they are sad to see you go, but we're glad to get you back. :)

Happymama said...

I know you'll miss Thailand. I'm sure they'll miss you too. And God created language! He's a wonderful translator. :)

Loved the pictures.