Monday, August 13, 2007

Bountiful Blessings #5.

I haven't done "Bountiful Blessings" in a sweet forever, but I thought now would be a good time to bring out the blessings! Plus I'm hoping you will participate too (that's part of the deal you see:D). And I think it would be a "blessing" to check back in on Thursday or Friday and see all that the Lord has done for you and you and you and you and (all the other visitors to my little home!) Humor me, would ya:o). Just think, you'll be a great encouragement to a weary-traveler-with-5-mosquito-bites-all-over-her-who-forgot-her-camera-tonight-even-though-we-went-for-a-little-drive-and-saw-some-pretty-niffy-stuff;o). Oh yeah. Back to the post...

  • This might be an odd blessing, but I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to room with other girls for 2 1/2 months and be responsible for making sure our townhouse looked presentable! I got into a routine of going grocery shopping, taking care of a house, dealing with "unexpected" situations (i.e. a broken air con!). I'm really going to miss the "ease" of throwing water on the kitchen floor, mopping the dirt up, and pushing the water down the drain! *Sigh* It was bliss!
  • My devotional time has been so sweet! I've been following David in the book of 1 Samuel, and have jotted down so many lessons learned. The latest one I learned was the way David responded when an Amalekite ran up to him to say he killed Saul after Saul asked him to. David replied, "How wast thou not afraid to stretch forth thine hand to destroy the LORD's anointed?" It was a good reminder not to mess with the Lord's anointed!
  • I've been working on a project, trying to get it finished before leaving Thailand, and it's done! (With the exception of doing some finishing touches:D)
  • I found a cheap airline ticket online to go visit some family for Christmas! Last year I began checking in August for tickets to Florida, and refused to pay $200.00. By the time my ticket was eventually bought (by my brother-in-law) it wound up being over $400.00! So let's just say I learned my lesson last year.
  • My "last" service here in Thailand was terrific. Bro. Tom talked about the marks of a disciple in 2 Timothy 2 and then we just sat around and chatted with another missionary family for a couple of hours. Sweet, sweet fellowship:o).
  • Speaking of fellowship, I already know Sunday morning's service will be very special. Without fail, every time I come home from a trip (and this has been the longest time I've been away so I'm sure this will be true!) I soak up the moments and just thank the Lord for Lehigh Valley Baptist Church. That's not to say that I don't do that every service, but after being away from my home church for a couple (or several!) services makes me appreciate all over again what I have and remember how truly blessed I really am.

I can certainly go on and on, for the Lord has been so good to me!

Now it's your turn! What's the Lord been doing in your life recently? Anything? Have you taken time to thank the Lord for the air conditioner, cool water to swim in, and the pretty sky at night with the stars twinkling? I'm looking forward to going outside of my house and just gazing at the thousands and thousands of stars in the sky!

It might take you a couple of seconds or minutes to write out your blessing(s) but just think of the encouragement you're passing along! Leave a blessing!


Happymama said...

The Lord has blessed us in so many ways, Anne. Bruce job hunted for a long time during his layoff and there were options out there that could have led us away from our hometown, but He opened a door for something five minutes from our home.
It's been difficult to recover from the layoff, but God never fails to show me that He is continually watching over His children and that we will never go without anything, including the things we want and not just need. You can read about that in my post "Legal, Cool, and Blessed."

I love it when you post your blessings. It's an encouragement.


Melissa said...

wow, Anne, it seems like you just got to Thailand and now you are leaving already! I have actually been reading your posts a lot, but not commenting.....I know, I know, bad me.

Here is a blessing for us. My husband has to go away to police college for four months. We only have one car, and he was originally going to have to take it with him (it's 2 1/2 hrs away) every week. It was either that or buy a second car (which we can't afford). But the Lord opened up a door where he will be able to get a ride to school every week and I can keep the car. It is so amazing -- we will actually be saving money in the process!!

God provides and that is always awesome to see. Thanks for sharing yours as well!

P.S. Don't you just love the prices of plane tickets nowadays? :-D

lizzykristine said...

Hi Anne! Hope you have arrived back safely. I followed your trip with interest, though silently because we have dialup and commenting takes forever. :) Welcome home. I know firsthand all the readjustments you'll have to make -- best wishes for the needed grace!

Today I was thinking how blessed I am to have furniture! Odd thought, I suppose, but there you have it. :)

Abbi said...

I am thankful for the beautiful weather today. :) Absolutely perfect!

And also I'm glad that there is a promise in God's Word for every situation where we find ourselves. And each and every day there is something new to claim and rest in!