Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Very Random Post:o).

I have yet to be "officially" home yet... one night doesn't count! I've been house sitting/dog-cat sitting for a couple in my church since Saturday and that's going to last until next Monday. By the time I do get home, school will start the next day. Oh the fun never ends!
While on a walk this morning in a quiet residential area, I heard the humming of an air con. Now normally this wouldn't be too unusual for an August morning in Pennsylvania except it's been rainy and in the 50s for the past couple of days. If I had to guess, I would think it was a teenager (the air con was on the third floor) and that teenager was probably buried under blankets:o).
I appreciate all the welcome home comments from the last post! Ya'll weren't the only ones to welcome me home... in addition to you, my family, and my church family welcoming me home, I was welcomed home by... well, something else! Monday, my first day back at work, found the printers in the office going berserk. And then apparently the folding machine also remembered me, because it refused to work on Tuesday although it was just repaired on Monday! So now I can tell I'm home and back in the grind because the machines only misbehave for old friends like me:o).
I can completely understand why Rachel was so cold when she came back from Thailand in May. I got used to "cool" being 85 degrees, so when I came home last week and the temp was 85, I thought everything was "normal". But now I'm not so sure. With the aforementioned temp being around 55, I feel like I went from one extreme to the next! But not to worry; the weatherman said it's going to be a sunny weekend with temps of 85... and the weatherman is never wrong :o).
Tiffany posted some pictures on her blog about a month ago and I thought her boys looked so cute! Well Sunday was my first time to "meet" JayDonn and to see Dillon in almost three months. I was so excited to hold Dillon and to feel that he is heavy. When I left, he was around 10 pounds and had been hanging out around that weight for several weeks on end. Now he's over 16 pounds and he even has little chubby rolls on his legs:o). This might sound odd to you unless you've followed Dillon's story. This little guy had been on some medicine that made him lose weight instead of gain weight. While that might sound nice for some people, Dillon didn't need to lose any more weight, especially at 14 months! So I was happy to see him gain weight and thought I would take this moment to praise the Lord... I got a blessing out of it anyway!
I need some help... quickly! The first day of school starts next Tuesday and I need an idea (or two!) of what to do for fun on the first day of school. Could you leave any suggestions? If you've ever worked/went through an ACE school, then that would be a plus:o). I just wasn't ready to come home from Thailand and switch gears that fast, so maybe somebody has an idea:o)


Katina said...

I know Anne, Dillon has just become "chubblicious" hasn't he!? :)

I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been able to enjoy your own bed much yet. Whenever I'm away from home I always miss mine. :)

As for ideas for what to do on the first day of school, I don't know...maybe you could go outside or something? I would say a little foamie craft would be nice, but I don't think teenagers would enjoy that too much...especially teens of the male variety. :) I hope you get some good ideas!

Mary said...

Hello Anne! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog - I always enjoy hearing from such a sweet girl as yourself! I remember when my kids were in school, the teachers always had a brunch for them. Fruit kabobs, bagels with cream cheese or butter, muffins, a variety of juices, and coffee or tea for the adults. 'Twas a great way to start off the school year! And fun!

Abigail said...

Yes, I must say that when the teacher did that for us is was a blast (even being a teenager) It was a really nice way to start off the school year.