Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good-Bye Thailand... Hello Reality.

Thank you Kristi, Melissa, and Lizzy for sharing your blessings with me! It's so good to hear when God is doing something special (big or small!) for other believers:).

Here is a series of good-byes and hellos in pictures... and then there are just some other "reverse culture-shock" things I didn't take pictures of... like the outrageous prices ($1.59 for hash browns?!?!?!), shower curtains, and getting in my car and just driving somewhere.

By. My. Self.

Very weird. I feel like I should grab another girl to go with me to the park!

~Krinny and I at the airport~

~This monstrosity is what I saw on the other side of passport control at the airport in Bangkok~
~Welcome home! Good 'ole PA~

~Am I the only one that tears up to see an American flag??? It's amazing what seeing Old Glory does to someone who's been away for a while...~

~There was no better welcome home for me than to see "Schmo" (Andrew on the left) giving me a tight hug at JFK and not letting go and then seeing "Monster" (Ethan on the right) last night for the first time in three months... they've both grown up so much! My auntie heart was filled at the sight of these two handsome boys (who really are cousins despite the fact they look like two opposites!)

Back home for now... and off to do a million and one things!


Abbi said...

Welcome home!! Glad you made it safely! Enjoy your solo-drive. :)

Happymama said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound.

It's amazing that the first thing you see on the other side of passport control is physical evidence of why missions is so important.


Three Sisters Blog said...

Welcome Home to the USA.
I agree with you about the American Flag. We used to live in Northern Ireland, it was always wonderful to see the Flag flying!

Anonymous said...

welcome home anne! Sounds like your trip was amazing!!! I'm in Virginia right now, so drop me a line sometime! -Kay-

Rachel said...

Awwww.... Welcome home, Anne dear. :) It's good to have you back, and we'll have to catch up soon. (I mean, other than our 30-second conversation in the hallways!)

Enjoy your drives by yourself! I can still remember that weird feeling! :) I still count it a great privilege to be able to just go off and do my own thing - in my own car, by myself, for as long as I want. It's a nice privilege to have back. :)

Melissa said...

well, I'm happy you were able to make it home safely! I know well the wonderful sight of the "welcome to PA" sign whenever I come home.....even though I only live a couple hours over the border. Still, it makes me happy!
P.S. Cute nephews!