Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interesting Article.

I've been trying to avoid Wal-Mart even since I've come back from Thailand. I stopped in one time to pick up knee pads for one of my volleyball players, but I'm purposely looking for other stores where I can shop (IF I shop! A good way to save money is to stay out of stores:o)). There was also a "letter to the Editor" in the paper a few weeks ago from a lady in a nearby town which houses a popular community college. Her point was the little town of S____________ didn't need a Wal-Mart to destroy other businesses. So I read this article ("What Wal-Mart Knows About You") this morning and was intrigued by it. Any thoughts on the matter???


Anonymous said...

I also avoid Walmart at all costs. I will only go there if I have no other option available.

Anonymous said...

Being as I work at walmart, and have for about two years now.., I still prefer to shop there becasue it's so much cheeper, or I'll go to Target. But, it is true that we sell rediculous amounts of boxed pizza and frozen foods, and almost everyone buys bananas.

jamey said...

Hey Anne-Thanks for the update on Walmart! I agree with you I personally have been avoiding Walmart like the plague! I haven't been to a Walmart since three weeks and before that weeks.
I think that its sad in this day and age that we as women and men can't find the time to cook a dinner and have quailty family time!
Anyway, Jamey and I wanted to personally thank you for the gift for the children!
Love ya and God Bless,

Abbi said...

I view Wal*Mart as a necessary evil. :) I am frequently there, but there is always at least one (often more) things on my list that are out-of-stock. I prefer Target, but Wal*mart is too convenient for me to give it up completely. What I really wish we had was a Super-Target in the general vicinity...one can dream!

My other big gripe with Wally World is the long wait to checkout. But I was pleased to see that they added Self-Checkouts with their revite (I'm a big fan).

Regardless, WW has a great price on organic milk, so I won't be jumping ship completely anytime soon. I thought the stats in the article were interesting and rather accurate. :)

Abigail said...

Wal-Mart, well we usually don't go there just because of the fact that the Long Island Wal-Marts are icky. :) I've been to Wal-Marts in Illinois and it was sooooo clean and nice. The people were very friendly and accommodating too.
Target is usually our choice, but on occasion, we'll run in to Wal-Mart for a quick buy of dog food.
If I HAD to choose, I pick the good ol' Mom and Pop stores.

Melissa said...

hmmmm, I have a love-hate relationship with Walmart.....I really don't like going there, but somehow I'm always there! But what are the options really, for buying shampoo and cleaning supplies and deodorant and stuff? Anywhere else, it's way too expensive. :( Why do you avoid Walmart?

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I know what you mean about saving money by staying OUT of the stores!! My mom and I stayed home this past weekend, and didn't spend a dime!! It was great!! LOL!! :)

Jendi said...

We as a family also like to avoid Wal-mart. I've been getting more of our personal toiletries at CVS with good sales, coupons, & earning bonus bucks. (thanks to Crystal at Biblical Womanhood)

Our closest Wal-mart is near the capital and it's always crowded. Plus, about 2 years ago there was a knifing IN the Wal-mart.

The statistics are interesting. We do love our tea - hot or cold. :)

Happymama said...

Reading the article, I thought that Wal Mart isn't the only store that "knows" us. Every store that keeps a running list of what we buy will give them insight to what we want. I think that's fair. I mean, if I wanted to make a good business, I wouldn't sell what people DIDN'T want. But the thing that gets me about Wal Mart is I won't buy their clothing. In my opinion, the women/young girls and children's apparel is just plain trashy. RARELY will you find anything decent and it's usually going to be a top. Now, I have found, recently, a couple of skirts for Hannah. They are ankle long and flowing with no slits. Not that I am TOTALLY against slits, but they do have a tendency these days to go up higher than necessary for a kick split, if you get my drift. Anyway, I just don't like their clothing. I think they could have more modest things in the store. That's where their calculations go wrong.

I don't mind Wal Mart. I shop there every week. I did go through a time where I didn't shop there because of the boycot. But when that was lifted I headed right back to it. HOWEVER! During that time, I found some discount stores that I frequent BEFORE entering Wal Mart. Wal Mart is now the last place I go to for those needed, have to have items. So not shopping at Wal Mart did prove to be a good thing because it made me realize that there are, in fact, other stores out there besides the all powerful Wal Mart. lol


Mary said...

I found this article interesting. And even though I dislike WalMart VERY much, the fact is that most Americans do like WalMart; therefore, WalMart has made an accurate observation of American society that I find quite disturbing. First is the fact that electronics is a huge market in the store. This tells me that Americans are not thinking for themselves. Video games, TVs, Ipods, etc. are thinking for American youth. Second of all, the way Americans eat is destroying their health. Frozen pizza, fast-food, and microwaveable vegetables don't cut it when it comes to good, wholesome food and a healthy body. Third of all, the article closes by stating that we've become a multi-cultural society. That bothers me. America used to be a one culture society - God-fearing, law-abiding, and righteous (for the most part - I think you know what I mean). Our language was English, our God was the Lord God, our women dressed like ladies, our men dressed like men. That's all gone now. And it makes me sad. To me, WalMart is a picture of a broken-down America. Good post, Anne.

Anne said...

Thanks for all the comments:o). I think it's interesting to note the reaction generated from the article! Wal*Mart has apparently made a mark on all of us so they were probably pretty accurate when they say, "90 % of Americans...".

In asnwer to your question, Melissa, it all started last year when Wal*Mart began to support (in a big way!) something I didn't agree with. For several months I didn't go into Wal*Mart and found that there were other stores I could shop at (shocking I know!).

Becaue I developed the habit of staying away from Wal*Mart, I found that:

1 - I spend LESS money. Having everything in one convienent location just wasn't working for me!
2 - I need to consider my options (am I going in that direction? Does ________ store double coupons? How much gas am I going to use in order to get a bargain?, etc.). It's not just "I'm driving 15 minutes away to get X-amount of money off of groceries" when I can go right down the street to Weis and many times get it cheaper.

3 - Wal*Mart is not always the *best*. I think we as Americans have developed the mentality of "if I need something, I go to Wal*Mart." It's almost as if we've been (as a culture) programed to head that way without thinking. Why is this? I wonder.

Hopefully that answered your question (in a very small way I'm sure!)

Melissa said...

lol Anne, yes, it did. :) We live about a 5-minute walk/30-second drive from our Walmart, so unfortunately, it usually is the most convenient option. And, sad to say, the grocery stores up here really do not carry much in the way of shampoo and stuff like that, and if they do, it's $$$$! So apparently, Walmart has overrun Canada as well....

Patriot said...

I live in the south and I have grown to truly hate Wal-mart! I avoid it at all costs also! The relationship they have with China is very disheartening.