Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My one question to this newsflash is why??? What do you think about it?


Tim Lytle said...

Well - when they're only making 20, it's kinda like buying a piece of art. Sure, you can calculate the cost of canvas, paint, and the hours it took to create the painting - but that's not what makes a classic painting worth million. It's who it was painted by, how many paintings of that painter are available, and really, how many people value it. Same thing here.

Anne said...

Ah! So that explains it... thanks:).

Emily said...

it's really pretty... and something had to compete with the bugatti veyron... :D this car is amazing!! wish i could afford one. But I do remember you saying... a car is only to get you from point a to point b without breaking down, so I guess that explains your WHY?? lol

Oh, and good job on the game tonight!! The girls tell me you guys WON!!! YAY!


Tiffany said...

Ok, Let's see if I can remember how Dr. David Gibbs said it.... He was watching a car show on TV where they were selling for soooo much and the announcer guy asked someone else there "why do you think people are paying so much for these cars?" The guy answered: "It isn't the car they are paying that much for, it is what was done to the car. Kind of like life, it isn't worth much until you do something with it." I may not have it quite right, but in his sermon it was really good! (But - all that a side... I have NO idea why anyone would pay that much!!!!!)

Happymama said...

Personally, I think it's ridiculous. It basically is satisfying the need to have something better than anyone else. Do I want one? SURE!!!!!!! But, you's still ridiculous. lol