Friday, November 9, 2007

Frugal Fridays.

3-4 years ago, a few friends and I agreed together to get a membership at the local movie store. This meant we would pay a couple of dollars to rent a movie, and if we were really good, we would get it buy-one-get-one-free! Not too long after we signed up, I was in the library and realized that the library has a good collection of movies and they were free to borrow! I laughed at ourselves for being so silly to get a membership card to the movie store (where I wouldn't watch 95% of the movies anyway), and have been checking the library for free movies ever since:o).

I'm sure this varies from library to library (at another library I had to pay 50 cents or a dollar to get a movie), but it's definitely worth looking into, especially if you like to watch a movie on Friday nights:o).

Go over to Crystal's blog for more money-saving tips!


Stacy said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'm not sure why I forget to check the movies at the library!

Have a great day,

Sirena said...

Did you all know that libraries have a yearly budget for purchasing requests for patrons? If a book is published within the last year or so, and you request it, they have to purchase it for you. I try to pay attention and request Christian authors whether I have time to read the book right then or not, just to get it into the library. Movies, on the other hand, fall under a different criterion. They can buy just about any movie, I think, if you reguest it. Things like Avonlea, Five Mile Creek, Emma, Persuasion, Conagher.... Give it a try!!