Thursday, November 8, 2007

Too Much?

So what do you think? Is my new hat too much???



Abbi said...

I like the quiet, understatement that this hat is making.

abbey said...

I think it suits you quite well. Framing your face perfectly and the sleek lines make it a must for everyones winter wardrobe. Beautiful!

Rachel said...

Oh, yes..this hat is a winner for sure! The sequins match! :D

Anonymous said...

haha, Awesome Picture.

Anonymous said...

Now, I wonder where you got that one??? And someone actually had a camera right when you put it on?? Did this have anything to do with laundry detergent?

Jendi said...

You could save it for Easter! You just need a dress to match.

Kate said...

I think its very dramatic!

And potentially dangerous when standing in close proximity to you! :)

Happymama said...

Were you the birthday girl at a Restaurant or starting a new fashion statement? :)


Anne said...

Kristi ~

The story goes all the way back to January when Rachel was getting ready to leave for Thailand. Several of us went out to eat at a Mexican place as a farewell to her and while we were there, I convinced this singer-guy to come and sing to Rachel and also to put a big hat on her head:o). She was a sport about it though and off she went!

Well my volleyball girls had heard about it, so after our last game the starters and I went out to eat at the same place. I didn't know about it, but the girls had agreed to somehow get the big hat on my head, so while I went to pay the bill, one of the girls asked permission to use the hat.

Later on as I was sitting there listening to one of the girls tell me how she did a load of laundry ("first I woke my mom was late you know... and then we went downstairs, and then we got out the basket, and then we sorted the clothing, and then we put it into the washing machine, and then I added, um, um, um, what's it called? Oh yeah! Laundry detergent! And then....")

All that time I was listening politely but thinking what a boring story (!), when this hat got slammed on my head:o). So since we had cameras there (from our game) one of my players took the picture and that's the story behind the hat!

And I just realized that this is probably the longest comment I've ever written that I should have probably just turned it into a blog post, but oh well!