Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Blessing.

As I started watching the Dallas-Jets football game today (yes, I'm one of those girls who not only understands football but also likes it:D), I felt a shiver go up and down my back as a giant American flag was held in the middle of the field while the National Anthem was sung. But then that shiver turned into disgust as I watched the camera pan across the football players. While some stood there respectfully, hand over their heart, others just stood there or kept moving to keep warm while our National Anthem was playing. I was disappointed to see these men obviously bored with the song and the message behind it. In light of that, I've come up with a list of patriotic blessings for which I am thankful:

1 ~ That I am a United States citizen. I'm not a Pennsylvania Dutch-American or a Slovakian-American or an European-American. I am an AMERICAN.
2 ~ I live in America, and more specifically in Pennsylvania... which just so happens to be my favorite state!
3 ~ I may worship my precious Lord and Savior in America.
4 ~ I may display the flag of America freely.
5 ~ Soldiers have bravely fought (and are fighting) to preserve my freedom.
6 ~ I have the opportunity to work without discrimination.
7 ~ I speak the English language and that was taught to me by some teachers who thought education was important.
8 ~ American history has been documented beautifully. I can go within a three-hour's drive and find months and months worth of history.
9 ~ This nation was founded on Christian principles.
10 ~ The Gospel came to America and as a result, I am saved.

How thankful I am to live in the United States of America! On this day that is set aside to give thanks, don't forget to do just that

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