Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Works For Me: Thanksgiving.

Last night for our Thanksgiving service, our Christian school's Principal's dad (did you get all that?!?! It guess it would be easier to say we had a guest speaker:o), spoke about "thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift." Something during his message struck me though when he said that temptation can be avoided if we just remove ourselves from it. Why sit there and look at temptation when moving away from it will solve the problem? With that in mind, I thought of a temptation from which the Lord has graciously allowed me to walk away. It's not sure-fire, but for now, it's working for me!

My temptation is being an impulsive buyer and although I can normally talk myself out of buying something (what's weird is that I'm also very cheap... I don't like to spend money!), there were some occasions when I did not and the bill would prove it. After thinking about it for a while, and realizing it would take me 10 years to save enough money to go back to Thailand (at the rate I was going!), I decided to give my credit card and Kohl's card to my mom and also the money I'm saving for Thailand.

Let me tell ya, it has increased my prayer time! Gone was the freedom of putting __________ on my credit card, if I didn't have any cash. There have been literally weeks on end that the only thing I bought/paid for was the toll on the Turnpike and that was it. But do you know what? God has been so faithful! He knows I am weak and He is my strength! It was a big step to give it up, but I would do it all again just to see Him provide it the best ways!

For instance, I am going to my sister's for Thanksgiving, and although she said I didn't have to bring anything (since I'll be helping her make everything!), I still wanted to, but had no money to go buy the ingredients. Well after the church service last night, my mom and I were getting ready to go home when one of the ladies at church stopped me and said, "Here's a note for you that was on the secret pal table." Here my secret pal had made me a pumpkin roll! Isn't that a blessing?!?! I wanted to make something, but wasn't about to ask my mom for my credit card to buy the ingredients, and the Lord answered with a ready-made dessert!

So that's what works for me! In this season of buying, buying, buying we'll soon find ourselves in, just be careful that you don't get into debt and ask the Lord to help you!

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I've been thinking of handing the credit card over to Hubs and just using a small weekly allowance for the occasional coffee or lunch out. It sounds like the perfect idea but the actually 'doing it' part scares the poo out of me. I am an impulse buyer as well. I'll go into Target to get toothpaste and end up spending a hundred dollars on stuff "We really need!"
Who am I kidding? The card goes to Hubs! (right after Christmas.)

Frazzmom said...

Good for you! I love hearing about how the Lord had honored your obedience by blessing you- not only by providing your needs, but even a treat as well!