Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Babe... The Christ.

Do you worship the Babe in the manger,
But reject the Christ of the Cross?
Your redemption comes not by the manger,
But the death of Christ on the Cross.

If you worship the Babe in the manger,
But ignore the blood of God’s Son,
To you Christ is only a stranger,
Til you trust the work He has done.

The Babe in the manger was God’s only Son,
Who came to the world to die.
The Babe in the manger could never have done
The work of His God on high.

The Babe left the manger and went to the Cross
To pay the wages of sin.
Your way of forgiveness is not by the Babe,
But the Christ who died for your sin.

– W. S. and Mildred Dillon


Jennifer said...

That is a great poem! It is such a shame that some people don't want to accept who the Babe really is.

Happymama said...

Love that!


Kaylene said...

That song is SO meaningful. At this time of year many Christians put a lot of their focus on the Babe and His birth, when His actual purpose in coming was His death for our sins. Thanks for sharing. You have a nice blog, btw.

Anonymous said...

hm. wow. Amen!