Saturday, December 8, 2007

Would Ya Pray?

It all started rather innocently - a sore, scratchy throat one Thursday morning. By Saturday, it had turned into a full-blown cough, making cantata practice interesting! This cough has been a part of my life for almost a month now, so I'm finally going to the doctor on Monday. I've been told dozens of times within the past month, "You sound horrible!" and while I'm sure that statement has always been mentioned in the nicest way possible (!), I'm ready to be over it.

This sounds selfish asking for prayer, but would you please pray the appointment and medicine wouldn't be too costly?!? I have no insurance (because I'm rarely sick - thanks be to God!) so I'm paying full cost for this one. To add to the whole interesting dilemma, my doctor is 50 miles away (yup, you read that right). I can't tell you the last time I stepped into his office, but it had to be at least eight years ago! I really like my doctor too... he's got this great accent and always clucks his tongue:o). I just try not to see him very often;o).

Thanks for praying!


Tiffany said...

How did the appointment go?

Happymama said...

It's not selfish at all to ask for prayer...we should bare one another's burdens!

Praying for you to get well soon and I hope everything went good for you at your appointment. Keep in mind that Wal Mart has over 300 prescriptions that your doctor can write for you that is only $4.00. OK? This tid bit of info comes in handy for peeps with no insurance. It did for us!!!