Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just Popping In To Say Hi:o).

My niece and nephew wanted to come to the library to check out some movies, so that would explain the internet access and a blog post:o). This has been such a sweet time of fellowship for me with my brother and his family, especially since my sister-in-law just lost her father only two weeks ago. The Lord's way is always best because He placed me here to be an encouragement and blessing to my family, particularly my sister-in-law during this first Christmas without her dad.

The best part about this trip has been the quality time we've spent together. We haven't jam-packed the trip chock full of amazing places to see, but it has been filled with lots of love, giggles, and grins. When my 5-year-old nephew saw me last Thursday morning (remember he's autistic) he said, "Auntie Anne, you're alive!!!" So although the nights have been late (I'm talking 1 or 2 AM every night!) it's been a blast! I trust you all have been as blessed as I have been during this Christmas season. And I think I forgot to mention the best part of it all: uninterrupted quiet time with the Lord in the morning... not having to worry about rushing out the door to get to school. That has been the sweetest time of my day...

Feel free to enter the contest in the post below. I plan on closing it out on Thursday January 3rd so you still have some time:o).

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are having fun! Your nephew is so funny!

Oh, I'm sure you are just loving the time that you have to spend with God! It is always so preciouse!