Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well Nothing Says Christmas...

... like going on a trip! It's been so quiet around this little blog because of an incredibly busy weekend and it's gearing up to be a busy day tomorrow. I fly out of Philadelphia (oh the joy of flying from Philadelphia ) tomorrow night into Chicago with a layover in between the two. That layover consists of 49 minutes exactly, and Philadelphia is known for delays at this time of year, so if you wouldn't mind praying for a delay-free exit from Philadelphia, I would appreciate it!


Last night both of my brothers and their families came over for dinner so I just can't resist posting a picture of Ethan:o).


Posting is going to be slim to none until the New Year because I'm seriously questioning the internet access where I'm going, so I thought I would hold a little contest for all of your faithful (and new!) readers while I'm gone:o).

A few years ago I went to a Princess House show in Florida with my sister and won these four little snowflake holders! The hostess very excitedly told me I could use them as a candle holder (as pictured above) or as a placeholder for name tags for a dinner.

It was a really good idea and for a while I shared her enthusiasm, but since I came home from that trip, I haven't used them once (except to take the pictures for this post!). So I figured it was time to let someone else enjoy them!

All you have to do to enter this contest is to leave a comment on this post. It would also be great if you linked here as well, but that's not necessary:o). When I come back from my adventures in the mid-west, I'll pick the winner!


I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas - whether you spend it with family or friends! Let's not forget the real reason for Christmas and take the opportunity to share the love of Christ.

Merry Christmas!


Rachel said...

Of course I'll comment for free stuff! :)

Have a great trip!

Jennifer said...

I would like to win them! They are so pretty!


Lydia said...

Please enter me. They are so pretty!

Mary said...

I know that you will be shocked to see this-but I actually had my interest sparked with a contest (my competitve side). Anyway, I could use these for my many parties (hopefully with the new house!), but I understand if you pick someone else. I just thought writing a paragraph would help! Hope you had fun in IN!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

have a very merry Christmas, and a terrific trip! :)

Leila said...

Ethan looks like a doll. Merry Christmas, Anne!

Abbi said...

I'm glad you are having a great Christmas vacation, Anne! Tell everyone we say, "Hello!" :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Miss Hammond:-).