Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frugal Friday Tip.

For this week's Frugal Friday tip, I thought about one thing that really stretched some pennies (and dollars!) for me last year. Now it might sound like a contradiction at first when I tell you that you pay $25.00 up front, but it really is worth it!

I've been buying the Entertainment Book for the past two years, but it is completely worth the money. First of all, I buy the book through, so that gives me 750 points right away for buying the book through them (and remember, those points add up to free gift cards!). Then, because I bought the book when I did, I got a $25.00 gift certificate - for free! So it was a good bargain:o). Plus the book is chock full of coupons, discounts, and savings. Let me give you an example:

In mid-December, I took the senior girls from my school to a nearby Christmas event. On the way home, we wanted to stop for dinner so I pulled out the Entertainment Book and got out two coupons for Subway: Buy One 6-inch sub, Get One 6-inch sub free. Since I had two coupons like that (and four girls with me!) it worked out perfectly for the girls to get a cheaper (!) dinner.

Another way this book is a bargain is for my parents. They rent a car a few times a year when they go on extended trips. This book has all sorts of Car Rental discounts in place, so that they usually save at least $20.00 when they're renting a car. More savings!

The one thing you have to check out is where in your area the coupon might be valid. I have had only one problem with a place not accepting a coupon, but other than that, it's been great!

For more frugal hints and tips, go to Biblical Womanhood:o).


Kim said...

I bought one of these years ago when I was single - I recently got an email for one - I think I may buy one this yr too - like you said, if I can't use all the coupons, I know people who can. Thanks for the Mypoints tip though, I didn't know I could buy them there!

Mom2fur said...

I love my Entertainment book! It really does pay for itself. If you watch, later in the year they'll offer this year's book for a big discount if you promise to buy next year's. Since there are still many months left on the 'old' book when they do this, it's a really good deal.
You are right to check where the coupons are usable. Once, I took one to IHOP (I was treating my son and 2 of his friends, plus myself and my husband), but it turned out they didn't take the coupon. This is because each store is individually owned and operated. But the boss was kind enough to give me a 10% discount, so it doesn't hurt to ask if something can be done. (Smart move on the IHOP mgr's part...I'd definitely go there again!)