Friday, January 18, 2008

Third Wind.

For the third time this week, I have gotten my second wind - right on time too! It's been hitting me around 9ish at night, making me feel like I can clean the whole house, bottom to top:o), within an hour and organize it all too. So I'm off to do something... I'm not quite sure what since I have so many interesting things awaiting me!

So while I go work off my second wind for the day, I thought I would leave you with a link to another blog I have faithfully read since its beginning - Amy's Humble Musings. I'm not quite sure how I found Amy, but I must of been looking something up on the Internet and her title caught my eye. At the time I started reading, Amy had 4 children and was living in a rather smallish apartment in CA for 6 months while her husband worked on a project. Amy had a humorous way of portraying life in CA in an apartment and I was hooked. Now Amy has 6 children and is back in Florida, but preparing to move into an "Amish" home.

As with most blogs I read, I do not endorse everything on the blog, so I'll once again remind you to please take in the good and left the rest behind:o).

Happy reading... I'm going to go clean!

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