Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Introducing Bathroom Appreciation Day.

The trip to Boston was great... full of memories and lots of laughs:o).

In order to explain the first picture below, I'm copying a snippet from Emily's blog:

Bathroom Appreciation Day.

While in Borders in Boston, we happened upon a book of things single girls should do before they were married. Fortunately... being girls of wisdom and good sense, after reading the numerous suggestions, we decided only one could actually be utilized so that we all remained true to our standards and consciences ~ and in our homes. "Create a holiday and celebrate it the same day every year." <-- that's what we did. As of June 20, 2008 this day shall forever be remembered as Bathroom Appreciation Day. When it rolls around next year, take a trip and make the rounds... grade bathrooms on cleanliness, smell, does it have a mirror? is it stocked with necessities? is it tastefully decorated? And as a general note... never use the bathroom in the Constitution Visitors Center.

Emily entering into said Constitution Visitor Center bathroom. Let me tell ya, this was a very bad, no good, terrible, horrible bathroom. (Although, if I put it into perspective with the squat toilets found in Asia, I guess it wasn't too terrible:o).

We ate our dinner on the wharf on Friday night... that was pretty neat! Here's Em and I... friends and sisters in Christ!

Here's my friend Sarah (we actually had two Sarahs on the trip... so this one is SJ). She was reading the sign to see if we were allowed to eat on the beach.... and the answer was yes!

So that's what we did... we actually climbed out onto these rocks and enjoyed a true ocean-dining experience:o). By the way, don't you just love Sarah Clarke's expression? (in the white shirt):o)

Toe-writing at my best!

I really hope you don't forget the brand-new holiday we just made up: Bathroom Appreciation Day! We honestly stopped at tons of bathrooms because we are all big water drinkers and SJ and Emily are big coffee drinkers:o). Bathroom Appreciation Day sure made me appreciate my bathrooms at home!


Emily said...

:) hello dear friend and sister in Christ :) I had such a good time last weekend... I couldn't ask for better girls in my life. God has truly blessed me. :D

Ashley said...

Fun times and blessed memories!

Sarah Jean said...

speaking of bathroom appreciation, we. just. got...a new toilet at our house. i am very impressed. it gets the job done in two seconds, no lie! i timed it! so glad we finally have a day to celebrate these all-american locations. LOL! love ya anne!


Audra Krell said...

This was hilarious! It sounds like saving money made your memories so much more precious. Thanks for sharing the pics too!