Friday, June 27, 2008

Frugal Friday - Saving On Trips.

One of the best parts about our recent trip to Boston was that we four girls split the cost of everything. (Well, with the exception of buying those Starbucks coffees for Em and SJ... they were on their own for those!) We kept a running total of how much we spend: gas, tolls, parking, and food. We had already scored on free lodging because we stayed with Clarke's aunt for both nights. We also packed our lunches for all three days and had breakfast in the car or at Clarke's aunt's house, so that only left dinner. While in Boston, we girls split our meals and then in Rockport, we got two orders of fish and chips to go (saving the cost and time of sitting in the diner ~ plus our view of the ocean was much better on the rocks!).

So, for an almost-1,000 mile trip, each girl kicked in $68.00, and it would have been less if we hadn't crossed the Tappan zee Bridge twice:o). With the price of gas, trips can get to be expensive, so it takes a little planning that goes a long way. We honestly wouldn't have had a better time if we had eaten all of our meals out or stayed in a hotel room!

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