Sunday, June 29, 2008

Picnics And Camp.

Saturday was one big picnic day for me! I went to a birthday party for Tiffany's little guys, Dillon and JayDonn. Dillon turned two a couple of weeks ago, and Jay turned one today! We are very excited that Dillon has been around for the past two years... I love that little guy! Unfortunately, I never got out my camera at Dillon's party, so no pictures:(.

Next I went to my friend Michelle's house for her little guy who is turning 5 on Monday! I had just gotten to their house and settled in when the sky opened up and down came the rain:o).

Michelle and I... I think this is only the second picture we have had together!

The third picnic of the day was actually a family reunion, so that means I got to see a couple of my nephews. I love watching Ethan and Andrew play together; Ethan is running around now and the two boys love to play together, although Andrew gets a little "bossy" at times... typical cousins!

Aren't those chairs just darling? And the kids aren't too bad either... ;o)

What's a party without volleyball? I wasn't sure if we would get to play or not (remember the t-storm from earlier?) but thankfully the sun was shining by 6 and we were out giving it our best shot! What a great day:o)


You won't see me around here this week... I'm joining Ben, Emily, Rachel, Jennifer and a whole bunch of other people to go counsel at teen summer camp for this week in southwestern Pennsylvania. So if you do stop by this blog of mine during the week, would you pray for us while we're at camp? There are some young people going to camp that need to be saved... what better time than the present? I'll be back at the end of the week!


Dear Abbi said...

Have fun at camp! We will be praying. :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you've had a great time with friends and family. Have fun at camp . . . and don't stay up TOO late! (If that's possible. He, he!)

Happymama said...

Have fun at camp. I pray the Lord uses you with the campers. I'm sure He will.