Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frugal Friday

Almost two years ago, a new LL Bean store opened in my area, so I went to check it out. While oohing and aahing over the brand new store, I noticed this:

and immediately bought it (in pink, not blue!). I've had my fair share of Dollar Store water bottles, but invariably they would leak or break within a couple of months (or sometimes weeks!) of me getting it. So I invested in this water bottle and since then I have been very happy with it! I tend to be a little klutzy and this water bottle has endured its fair share amount of being dropped. I have yet to see a dent on the bottle, although there are some scratches on it. This has really been a good thing all around because I know exactly how much water I've had for the day, I have no need to buy bottled water (very rarely am I without my water bottle!) and it's really cute too:o).

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Brooke said...

my mom just showed me a water bottle in the LL Bean Catalog and asked if i wanted it for Christmas. I thought it was a little pricy, but glad to know its worth every penny (even if they are not my pennies!)

Vanessa said...

I've always loved to drink water, but I finally bought a Sigg earlier this year, and it's amazing how much more fun it is to drink water out of on the go.

Bruce said...

Hi Anne, glad you found a good deal in your water bottle. I think PINK was an excellent choice! ;)

I know what you mean about the dollar store ones. I've even had mine break the same day of purchase.

I read your accountability post. I think it's great that your church is doing this. I'm sure those participating are enjoying their verse memoirzation.


Happymama said...

OOPS! Sorry, Anne, I was signed up at my hubby's blog. LOL I've been setting it up for him and forgot I was signed in. LOL Oh well...