Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dutch Blitz!

I brought along with me to Thailand a card game called Dutch Blitz and it has been a never-ending source of entertainment for us on Monday nights! You see, Monday night is the night that we go to the Langes house and have a game night and some fun. The first week I came, we played Uno Attack and the next week Skip-bo:

Here's the game night at our house with the nice, quiet, sedate game of Skip-bo:o).

After the above game was over, I got out the Dutch Blitz cards and taught these three the Dutch Blitz game. Oh. My!

Since I only have 4 sets of cards (and there were 5 people), Berm and Steve joined up together and Pookie and I thought for sure that they were going to break the table legs, they were slamming the cards down so hard!!!! The game is very fast-paced, and the point is to finish your blitz pile and get out as many cards as possible in as little time as possible.

So it's a very quiet, calm game to play while the baby is sleeping:o).

After I taught these three, they insisted the cards be brought to the Langes the next Monday night, so then I taught Theresa (Jeff was out of town). Well last night Pookie and Berm taught Jeff and he did really well for a "newbie"... in fact, he was winning for a while!

One funny thing happened last night. The cards were being slapped on the table with ferocious speed and shouts of glee and disappointment were heard. At one point, Berm and Pookie were both trying to put down the same card on one card. Pookie beat Berm out and spent several seconds "gloating" over it while Berm replied with outrage. Well, while they were going back and forth, I managed to finish my "blitz" pile and shouted out "blitz!!!" Pookie and Berm stopped in mid-sentence and just looked at me:o). They couldn't believe I went out while they were debating over that one card, but that's the way it goes!!!

So now, we are all anxiously awaiting a group from my church that is coming over in October for a very special reason:

They're bringing another deck of Dutch Blitz cards:o).


Rachel said...

I love Dutch Blitz! If too many people start slapping things down too quickly though..it can get violent!! :)

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Dutch Blitz! It's so crazy-wonderful-fun when lots of people are playing and cards are flying (um ... LITERALLY, sometimes!) and everyone's laughing ... ! :)