Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Irony Is TOO Much!

This evening I was sitting at my computer, typing away and listening to music when I heard the door bell ring. Now, very rarely does the door bell ring around here because Pookie is so popular on the soi. So I sat at my computer and thought, "Was that door bell sound really meant for me?" and then I decided it was, so I got up and opened the door to find Pookie climbing over the gate! It was quite a sight and I started laughing as I returned inside to get my keys. You see, when Pookie left to go to the Langes, the Gaudets' gate was unlocked, but by the time she came back, it was locked:o).

So a few minutes after that "episode" Pookie said she was going back outside. I told her I had locked the gate and asked if she wanted my keys but she said, "No... I have my own."

Pookie started rummaging through her stuff and within 30 seconds, Pookie said, "Um... I can't find my keys anywhere!!!" and I just started laughing before I gave her a hard time AND my keys:o).