Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friendships... Very Sweet!

Sunday morning between Sunday School and the morning service, Bro. Jeff came over to me to talk about the plans for after church. Thai churches normally serve a meal after the service, but Bro. Jeff was letting me know of his familly's plans and then said what Pookie and I did would be up to me. I then said, "well, let me see what Pookie wants to do." He got this funny grin on his face and said, "You know, that's exactly what she said!" This isn't the first time that has happened; and every time it does happen, we both laugh when we realize we're doing it again: showing respect for each other in our friendship. Now we don't actually sit down and think through the process and say I want to respect my friend, but we do defer to the other. Sometimes that drives the person asking the question nuts because it takes a bit to get a straight answer out of us:o).

It's been very sweet to share a house with Pookie. Just last night as I was ready to drift off to sleep, Pookie came into the room and asked a question. That led to a 45-minute discussion and it was so neat to hear her state her convictions and how the Lord brought her to that point. This year would have been almost unbearable if we weren't getting along so well, but we are getting along great! One lady told us the other day that we act like sisters... Praise the Lord for the friendship ties made across cultures!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Aww! How lovely ... I'm so glad God is blessing you with such a lovely friend in Thailand. Have a lovely day! :)