Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Picture Or Two....

I realize that some things (wait, let me change that to many things!!!) that I see here in Thailand I am used to, but then thought about the fact that this might be, you know, strange, for you folks on the web, so I picked out a few pictures that show the culture and day to day happenings of this place.

For instance:o).

It's perfectly normal (and acceptable!) to see a motorcycle at this angle. The motorcyclists zoom all over the place and in tight places too. We were going to church Sunday evening and this one motorist worked his way past one car's side mirror and then had to lean the other way to get past another car's side mirror... very typical!!

No it's not Christmas in September... it's just some kind of cake/sweet festival happening at the 5-story mall, that's all!

Sawadeeka! This is called a "wai" and this is the way Thai people greet one another. There's all sorts of ways to wai and who to wai, but suffice it to say that this is a wai!

On Saturday four of us went to a 7,000-vendor weekend market, so while I was waiting on two people to make a purchase I saw this tuk-tuks lined up and realized that while I am very used to seeing transportation like this, I'm sure you are not! Tuk-tuk, taxi, and motorcycle drivers sit around waiting for passengers. While we were waiting for Bro. Tom to pick us up from the market, we had so many people say "taxi?" because we are farangs (foreigners) and must have looked like we needed a ride!

This is a wat, specifically Wat Aroon. We passed it while taking the water taxi to the Grand Palace in downtown Bangkok.

Pookie posing with a statue... these statues are seen all around the Grand Palace.

The area right outside of the Grand Palace. One misconception a lot of people have about Thailand is that it is a third world country. While Thailand certainly has some third world tendencies, it is also very modern and very up-to-date regarding technology.

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