Thursday, October 30, 2008

Of Broken Doors And Mexican Food.

The day started off innocently enough - at breakfast someone mentioned the words, "it's Tuesday!" and that set off a mixed response of excited laughter and blank stares. The excited laughter came from Pookie and I and the blank stares came from all the guys who have since been enlightened. Let me clarify something for all of you in bloggy land (except for Rachel!) who probably don't understand the implication behind those two words. For us, "It's Tuesday!" means that the Cajun Restaurant in Bangkok serves a buffet filled to the brim with Mexican food! And it also means we. are. there. pronto! I'm not kidding either... at 9:30 AM Pookie asked what time we were leaving for the restaurant:).

Our group braved the Bangkok traffic and that's no small feat, I assure you! Several times Pookie looked up and gasped as some driver suddenly slammed on their brakes or just didn't move (which is really helpful when you're on a road with cars!). We finally pulled in to the place and we were not disappointed by the fajitas, enchiladas, nachos with cheese, and french vanilla ice cream!

I suppose it was the ice cream that had us all just sitting around chatting. Or maybe it had something to do with the fact we hadn't received the bill yet:). Either way, there we sat talking. Alex, one of the newer team members, was talking about his brother Andrew's upcoming wedding in June when I asked for the colors of the wedding party.

And that's when it got interesting!

Alex managed to confuse us all by stating the men would be wearing khaki tuxes with purple shirts. None of us had ever heard of such a thing so poor Alex spent quite some time trying to describe it to us. Let's just say his explanation made it sound worse! Sometime during the "tux talk" Pookie got up and left. We assumed she went to the restroom although Bro. Tom did joke that we were sitting there so long that she probably went back through the buffet line!

Just about the time we all started looking around for the server, this lady walked up to our table and said, "Um, do you have someone in the bathroom? She needs help!" Krinny and I got up right away to go check out the situation. Our first thought was Pookie was sick (logical) since the lady said she needed "help."

HA! HA! Were we wrong!

We enter into the restroom and said, "Pookie? What's wrong?" This timid little voice from the third stall answered, "Um, hello. I can't get out."

Being the kind, compassionate friend that I am, I started laughing. Pookie has a way of getting into these scrapes, and even managed to lock our own bathroom door for about three weeks:). So Krinny and I walk over to the stall and sure enough, the handle wouldn't produce the desired effect of opening up that door. Krinny then asked the obvious: "Did you unlock the door?" After Pookie said she didn't even lock it, Krinny began to go through the options. I, on the other hand, was still laughing because the situation presented itself as quite funny!

I'm not quite sure what made me do it, but I used the handy-dandy hip that just so happened to be resting on the right side of my body and I aimed for the door. Two seconds later the door bounced off the wall and a two-inch piece of plastic fell from the door latch and rested innocently on the floor... as if it had nothing to do with poor Pookie stuck in the bathroom!

Krinny just stared at me as Pookie came out of the bathroom, very relieved to be freed from her hot prison. The story provided some wonderful comic relief as the guys joined in on the laughter. I was still chuckling to myself a few hours later!

I think it's going to be a loooong time before Pookie locks a bathroom door again! But in the mean time, it will be one of those stories that will get told again and again down the road and it'll probably start off with, "Do you remember the time we went to the Cajun Restaurant....?"

Oh, and the khaki tuxes? They didn't look too bad after all:).


Rachel said...

Haha!!! Poor Pook!
Unfortunately, we only went to the Cajun restaurant twice the entire time I was there. (And once we actually ate Cajun food, because it wasn't a Mexican buffet night)
But the absolute best part was getting to people-watch all the "H"s :)

Ashley said...

So funny!!