Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video Clips.

So you wanna know what we do for fun on Monday nights? Nat got out the video camera and took a couple of shots of us playing games... you can go here to see it! About half-way through the video, you'll hear Pookie call the tall guy with glasses "Albert" - he's actually "Alex" but Bro. Tom has a hard time remembering his name:). Also, take note that we are using paper balls (which are color-coded and the rubber bands are included for identification purpose) for our Italian-turned-Thai bocce game. And finally, I just love the fact Gracie is sitting in the middle of the room completely unfazed by the fact we are playing volleyball right over her head. Hey, when a girl's tired, she's tired!!!

Here's a clip of Alex using (are you ready for this???) a nail polish brush to do some touch-up work in Pookie's and my house! Y'all have got to go check it out... we're slave drivers over here;o).

No, I tease!

I'm just glad Nat didn't capture Pookie standing nearby with a whip in her hand.




Kristi said...

Haha...those were cute videos. We used to watch men play bocce all the time in Germany but never did understand the game. Bruce just learned how to play last year!


Tori said...

Well that was fun! I enjoyed those videos, looks like lots of fun!

Becky said... was nice to see a video of you having fun in Thailand :D Pictures are nice, but there is something about a video that makes it seem so much more REAL :P

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the videos! I agree with Becky - pictures are great but videos are sooo much better!

Anne said...

Well girls, y'all can come on over and visit me anytime you want:)...

pictures = good

video = great!

in person = best option!!!!

Love ya girls:)