Friday, October 24, 2008

Sure Was Good!

It's been a crazy, but fun, week! The group from my church left last night (and they should arrive home in about 3 hours) but it was so enjoyable spending what time we could with them! In light of that, I figured I would share some pictures - it's been a while since I've done that:).

Pookie and Lena - a new Thai co-worker

Gracie-girl! She loves putting on shoes that belong to her brother and mom:).

The view behind my house... looks so peaceful and serene, right? I wish I had a picture of the 10-lane highway that's nearby:).

Nat, Berm, John, and Ben... John and Ben were a part of the group that left but Nat is staying another week.

Alex - another new co-worker. He'll be here until January 10th.

So I have to rat on the guys:). They came to Thailand and all ordered nice suits/shirts that were tailor-made for them... apparently it is *much* cheaper here than in the States, although I really have no idea how much a suit costs there!

Lotus flowers, incense, idolatry, emptiness - need I say more?

Don't they all look so serious??? They were coming up with a plan of attack and just about to execute it - tract distributing!

Ben, John Sr. and John Jr. at a souvenir stand.
Gracie-girl and me! I knew the picture was going to be taken but someone was making me laugh, hence the wide-eyed look!

And, of course, our nightly Dutch Blitz game:).

I really, really, really had a great time with the group being here... we all did! From the singing time during our services to the hours of laughter, we have some great memories stored! These men were able to distribute over 13,000 tracts in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and a couple more cities around Thailand and some responses have come in already!

Even though the group is gone, it will be far from boring around here! There are two people coming in next week and then a group of 20 people are coming from North Dakota in a couple of weeks.

Round two, here we come!!!


RT News said...

So beautiful girl in red!))

Tori said...

Wow, you're sure staying busy, sounds like tons of fun.