Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank You News Media (Specifically Yahoo!)

In reading the news this fine Thursday morning, I smiled when I read this sentence:

"Mates said the rocks fell across an area that used to be traversed by a trail no longer maintained because of heavy rock falls."

Hmm, I wonder why they don't use that trail anymore?!?! I'm sure the next step they're going to take is to put up a sign saying, "Falling Rock."


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Tori said...

Hi Anne,
I had no idea you were in Thailand. I added you to my missionary links on my blog.

Hey your church in the states had some part in providing materials for a group of Christians in Croatia, do you know if they did the Emaus New Christian Studies

I'll be back soon, I have to change the link I have for you in Bloglines. I'll be back!