Thursday, October 9, 2008

Keeping It *Very* Real.

Abbi tagged me for this "keeping it real" post... you're supposed to go take pictures of these things around your house without altering or moving anything. So, here goes!

1. My fridge - This is what it looks like when we're in desperate need of some grocery shopping! And the two pots were thrown in there after Thursday night Bible study - when we also have a time of food and fellowship. This week there were two extra guys, so that meant more food to make:).

2. A closet - There are no actual "closets" in Thailand. Everyone has a wardrobe, just like this one. Some are bigger and most are this color. I've only ever seen one that is not brownish in nature. And yes, those are my suitcases on top of my wardrobe:).

3. My kitchen sink - I'm doing this post in the morning; hence the lack of any dishes in the sink! My kitchen is an "outdoor" kitchen and it's separated from the rest of the downstairs with a wall and a screen door.

4. A toilet - Hey, at least it's not a squat toilet! When I was in the Kuala Lumpur airport, I went to use the restroom and found stall after stall of squat toilets. Welcome to Asia!!!

5. My favorite shoes - Since this is Asia, flip flops are the footwear of choice for most people. I did bring a few other pairs of shoes with me (sneakers, white slip-ons, and brown sandals), but most days I'm wearing these.

6. A favorite room - Most of my time at home (waking hours!) is spent in the living room. Reading, blogging, watching DVDs, e-mailing, etc. all takes place here. Oh, the reason why the bulletin board is half-sided is because Pookie hasn't put any of her pictures up yet:).

7. What my kids are doing right now - no kids for me and I didn't think Pookie would appreciate me taking a picture of her getting ready for the day:).

8. The laundry pile - The reason the wardrobe was kinda empty is because I have to do laundry tomorrow:).

9. A self-portrait - :).

10. My dream vacation - Hmm, can't really say I have one. Oh, wait I do! But since I haven't been there yet, I have no pictures:).

I'm tagging Jendi and Kristi since Abbi near about tagged everyone else :).


Dear Abbi said...

Um...what is the purpose for the sprayer attached to the toilet?? WAIT! Don't answer that question. I don't think I want to know.

This was the BEST Anne! I love seeing things like this...especially in other countries, because it gives me a chance to see what your life is really like. Loved all of the pics. Now I have to go back and re-read it and look at the photos again. Thanks for playing along!

Kristi said...

GREAT! Now I have to sneak and clean my closet. LOL


Jendi said...

AAAH! I don't think I can do that Anne. I luv ya and everything, but...maybe next week...after I clean...and then that wouldn't be fair.

Sarah Jean said...

this a neat post anne!!! i'm glad someone tagged you lol! so what is your dream vacation??

Anne said...

Abbi - I'm gonna tell ya anyway:o). It's actually for spraying down the floor. VERY convienent!

Kristi - I'm lookingfor those clean closets:o).

Jendi - Don't worry... I'm still your friend:o). No pressure!

SJ - Hi Sarah! My dream vacation is actually getting to the Grand Canyon and actually hiking down to the bottom. But I'm always up for vacations that take me to, oh, Boston! Love ya girl!!!