Tuesday, October 7, 2008

They Just Keep Dying!

I have a history and reputation of being a plant killer. Many a blossoming leafy plant has met an early demise at my hands, so it's no surprise that I tend to stay away from anything that bears my being responsible for something to stay alive.

So guess where I found myself last evening?

Pookie, Theresa Lange, her kids, and I went to a market to go buy some fish and some turtles. Not to eat mind you! The reason why we were fish shopping is because all of our fish mysteriously died the day we came home from our trip. So we cleaned out the huge fish bowl and that's when Pookie decided to get some turtles.

So we got the fish. And the marbles. And the plant. And the turtle. And the food. Theresa also got an aquarium for Jon's turtle and fish. We all came home and went right to work at making our new friends feel at home. (By the way, Jon named his fish: Josh, Jonathan, Joshua, and Flight Simulator, who we fully expect to go flying through the air:D.)

This morning I woke up and decided to take a quick peek at the fish bowl.

Two fish were laying on their side, and I'm pretty sure they weren't sleeping.

So after my morning walk with Theresa I came back in and looked again. One fish decided swimming on the side was so much better than being upright.

I came home from work - three more had gone to fishy heaven. I'm almost afraid to look in the bowl again. I think pretty soon our fishbowl is going to wind up being a fancy holder for a plant.

We still have three left, but I'm not holding my breath on their survival abilities! The turtles *whispering cautiously* are still alive... no thanks to me.

So now I'm a plant and fish killer. My resume keeps getting bigger!

But if it's any consolation, Theresa had two fish die on her too. Apparently I'm rubbing off on her:o).


Kay said...

HAHAHA Oh Anne... I also kill fish. I just can't keep them alive! Or plants... sheesh. Lets hope we have better luck with kids!

Anne said...

I never even though of *that* before!!! Oh dear...


Oh, and just for the record, our other three fish died this morning. We're hitting 1,000 here;o).

Jendi said...

I only had fish once as a child and they all died.
A friend told us it was the type of water we had and if we wanted to have fish we should buy water for the tank. That wasn't going to happen.