Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Big Brothers.

Nina and her family have been having some work done on their house by none other then my brothers! She's been very sweet in e-mailing me pictures of them. Apparently I'm the family photographer and since I'm in Thailand, that has kinda hampered me from taking pictures... strange, I know! So it's been really nice to see my brothers through pictures:).

My brothers Tom and Phil

Carolyn and I had just been talking on Monday night about Philly cheese steaks, hoagies, and stuff like that. So when I saw the above picture, I started laughing because (unless I miss my guess) it looks like Tom is about to enjoy a meatball sandwich.... mmm,mmm!

Monday was Phil's 28th birthday, so Nina made the cake and, according to Nina, their boss (affectionately known as "Mr. N") did "Happy Birthday" Polish-style! They look like they're having a great time:).

So even though I am not home, I still had a glimpse of home.... thanks Nina!!!


No No Nanette said...

Those brothers of yours build a fine house, yes they do.

And I think I may have heard a Polish "Happy Birthday" once or twice in my lifetime;)

Nina in Portugal said...

How very sweet of her to send you those pictures. This Nina is a nice girl...must be her name!! :)

Big Bro Tom said...

It was actually buffalo chicken cheesesteak, extra hot. Just the way we like. I'm so happy that you made us internet stars. Lol. Love and miss you.