Monday, December 8, 2008

The Honesty Of Kids.

The honesty of children is so refreshing, and at times very funny!

The other evening I went over to the Langes' house to borrow a movie. Both Jeff and Theresa were busy at the moment, so I spent a couple of minutes playing with their son. As we were playing, I asked Theresa if I could borrow "Over The Hedge." Jon instantly dropped the ball and said, "No!" He then backpedaled and said, "Well, I mean you can watch it here, but I really don't want you to take it home." Apparently he and the movie were really good buddies, but eventually Mom and Dad won and I had the movie in hand.

Just before I left, I turned to Jon and said, "Thanks, Jon, for being so willing and letting me borrow the movie." As he touched the DVD case, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "But I'm not willing." At that point, Sharon and I lost it and had a really good laugh over that:). What was really funny was the next morning when we were walking, Jon was telling me about this book he had on veterinarians and said, "You can borrow that if you want to." Oh wow, thanks:).

Later I got to thinking about the incident and realized that while I might have thought that in my mind ("hey! I'm not willing!"), I would have never said it. Jon just blurted it out, but at least he was honest. In my opinion, it's worse to think it in my mind and yet be all "showy" on the outside and pretend everything is alright when it's not.

Just for the record, I returned the movie to the owner the next morning...and I got to read the veterinarian book! All is right in my world:).


Cathryn said...

Hi Anne (with an e). I read your profile and saw you listed Anne of Green Gables. I had already decided to say the "Ann with an e" before I saw that. I somehow found your blog. Don't ask me how. Not sure. But I really enjoy reading it. I like this post. Too cute. You have a knack for writing and you captured the moment with little Jon beautifully. Did you know that a fourth set of movies is out or is coming out with Anne - it following The Continuing Story (my least favorite by the way). We made a trip to PEI in 2001 and every since then I get email updates from PEI. So last week they wrote about these new movies. Anyways, your blog is great. I have a daughter nearly 24 years old who is a pastor's wife - it is nice to see young people on fire for the Lord and wanting to serve Him. Lord Bless, Cathryn

Paula Constable said...

Kids are so honest. We can learn from them-not the part about saying how we feel out loud all the time, of course.