Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Wonders Of Future Park.

One of the "drawbacks" [I use this term very carefully, just to let you know:)] to being in a foreign country is that we sometimes go from the house to the office to the house to church to the house to the office --- well, you get the point! For the past two weeks, Carolyn and I have felt the need to "get out" and that finally happened today! We went with a third lady who is visiting from the states and spent 5 1/2 hours at the mall known as Future Park. FP has 5 levels and I can honestly say there are stores that I have never been in before, so today we just strolled through all the levels and discovered some pretty exciting stores!

Right in the center of Future is this wide open space that is used for, well, everything. We've seen carnivals, cake displays, dances, concerts, and workshops take place here. So it really wasn't any surprise to see the center of Future being used today. What did surprise me was the amount of people that showed up to see their little kids perform.

When I took this picture, we were on level 3. By the time we got to level 5, the crowd had doubled! I kid you not! I have never seen that many people stationed in one part of the mall:).

Since most of the people were gathered here, that made shopping at the grocery store so easy! We had a great time at the mall and just enjoyed spending time with one another. Now I'm just waiting for the block party outside my house to die down (it's 10 PM now) so that I can go to bed. Apparently the people here are celebrating Christmas a little early since most people return to the provinces in the north for the actual Christmas/New Year's time.

Ah yes, my very own rock concert right outside my house. Pass the earplugs please:).


Jennifer said...

That is a lot of people!

Tori said...

Wow too bad people don't pack in a church to hear the Gospel like that mall.

Sure know what you mean about the back and forth thing, it gets a bit boring sometimes.

Hope you're enjoying your December.

Jackie's World said...

one word - "Dude!"