Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Border Run.

While we were in northern Thailand last week, we went across the border to renew my visa and Carolyn's visa. We both are in Thailand on one-year visas that need to get renewed every 90 days. In November, Pookie and I went to Cambodia; this time we entered Burma!

There is a bridge separating Thailand and Burma (there's also a river separating the two countries -so I'm sure you see why a bridge comes into play:D), so after getting the exit stamp, we walked across the bridge.

On the Thailand side, getting ready to cross the border.

We drive on the left side of the road in Thailand, but not so in Burma! This little sign is there to prevent directional confusional problems!

One of the first things I noticed is the lack of cars and trucks. I mean, there are some, but not like the overflowing abundance there is of motorcycles, bikes, rickshaws (the contraption pictured above - at least, that's what we called it!)

When we crossed the bridge, this "tour guide" showed up and offered to take us all over the town. We decided to go to the market and this man proved very helpful in bargaining. We would have been lost without his translating:).

Carolyn shelling out some baht.

Well, I suppose this proves we were there!

Walking back into Thailand... notice the car is not having any directional confusional problems:).

And that would be the bridge with Burma in the distance!

Pookie and I in front of the Moei River sign.

So now you all can say you've "been" to Burma! Unless of course you've actually been here and crossed this very border... then you can remember crossing the border yourself:).


Rachel said...

So this may be kinda weird...maybe not.
That 'tour guide' man is the SAME EXACT man who took us across the border when we went in March of 07!!!
Small world, huh? LOL ;)

Jackie's World said...

It's so wierd to see the sun shining, flip-flop flopping, and squinted eyes...snow, sleet and over cast skies are what's going on here in PA.
Thanks for the card! I got it exactly a month after you sent it :) Anything not marked "priority" seems to not be a priority for many postmen. lol

Tori said...

Wow, you are a brave girl!!
I would have been scared to death. I'd much rather be in a war torn Balkan state then anywhere near you.

Thank the Lord that He can take care of us wherever we are.

Loved the pictures!

Emily said...