Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Cheesecake Side Of Thailand.

Pookie's parents came down on Saturday, bringing with them some delicious Thai food! Apparently Pi Ba (Pook's mom) kept all the foreigners quite satisfied with her cooking, but alas, she moved two hours away from here about a month before I came in 2007. Rats. I always miss out on the good stuff.

Pookie and her mom:)

So we all jumped at the opportunity to enjoy some honest-to-goodness Thai food, toned down to fit the farang taste buds! It was so delicious! After we were done, Carolyn said, "Now I could go for some chocolate cheesecake." Well, that sealed the deal for us so we hopped on a songtaw - a pickup truck - and went to the mall.

Forty-five minutes later and we were happily at home, munching on our pieces of cheesecake. This afternoon I went to go throw away the box it came in when I glanced at the writing on the side. I am not making any of this up! For your reading pleasure, I give you the top three tips from the Secret Recipe store:

*Store the cake in the fridge immediately for freshness. (Immediately, ya'll, immediately!)

*While carrying the whole cake box, hold the bag with one hand and support the bottom of the cake box. (What do you do if you have to open a door???)

*When on board a vehicle, please lay the whole cake box on the car floor or to hand carry it on the lap to prevent the cake from slanting. (Notice "a vehicle" translates into "car.")

Wow. Can't say I've ever been instructed in the ways of carrying a baked good before. But at least they said please:).

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Rachel said...

Aw, I miss PiBaa...I'm glad you got to meet her! She is hands-down the BEST cook in Thailand. :)