Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Latest Find - "Tooth Utensil Hook."

After an exceptionally busy day dealing with the Nepalese language -- we have to work while the translator is here! -- we decided to go to Future Park, also recently renamed "Walmart" by us:). While walking through a store similar to a dollar store, I saw something called a "Tooth Utensil Hook." The English directions had me laughing so hard, and so I thought I would share it with ya'll! I promise you this is exactly what it says:

Suitable Places (smooth surfaces)
The Surfaces Of Ceramic Tiles, Stainless Steel, Metal Paint Surfaces, Combination Bathroom'S Plastic Cement Sufrace.

Non-suitable places (concave and convex. rough and ground surfaces) Wooden walls .plaster walls. concrete walls. flower glass and semifinished glasses.

The sucker will not damage the wall surfaces and it's easy to fix or dismantle. Due to the vacuum installation if the air goes in it will come off easily. In order to keep the sucking strength please follow the methods.

1. If the wall surface or sucker is clirty, it will come off easily, please clean it.
2. If the surface is easy to slide please put a little salad oil in the sucker. it can prevent the air or water from going in.
3. Dropping sucker or old sucker has weak sucking streng the please goak it in water for 5 or 6 minutes and dry it.
4. Don't put too weight on the hook.
5. Dont put the valuables such as watches .clocks. cameras or mirrors on it.

Gotta love it! My new word is going to be "clirty" instead of "dirty":).


Dani Joy said...

So those are typos or just bad engish or both? jeje.. they probably used Google translator. jeje

Dani Joy said...

thanks for stopping by today!

Have a great day in Jesus! He is our Reason!!