Monday, March 16, 2009

Wee Hour Happenings.

The sweetness of being right is so not enough at 3:43 AM.

Earlier today --- I should use the word yesterday, because that is indeed when this took place --- Pookie got up mid-afternoon and uttered some dangerous words: "Anybody want coffee?" Now you have to understand something here. We joke and laugh that Pookie is affected by coffee, but there are some pretty hefty reasons behind the joking. Myra discovered this first hand one night last week. Pookie had had coffee one particular day and was zinging around at night so Myra had taught Pookie new words to an old lullaby:

Go to sleep,
You little creep,
Close your red, blood-shot eyes.
Go to sleep,
You little creep,
And I hope your teddy bear dies!
(So that there is no character assassination going on here, Myra's older brother sang this to her during a sleepover with a friend many years ago as a joke. Said older brother is now a preacher:D)

Pookie loved it and has been going around singing it since then. Except she doesn't sing it as a sweet lullaby, but rather in a really creepy voice. But I digress.

So when Pookie uttered those fateful words in our office Monday afternoon, I turned to her and said, "Does that include you Pookie?" She giggled and said yes. With thoughts of who the victim is when Pookie has coffee (that would be me), I suggested maybe a half of cup instead of an entire. cup. of. coffee. As I turned back to my computer, I said, "Just as long as you don't jump on my bed."

Oooh, sometimes I hate being right.

With an extra person staying with us (Myra), I've been using a mattress on the floor as my bed because Myra's got some back problems. I'm also generally the first person in bed, so in the back of my mind, there's this subconscious fear that Myra or Pookie are going to step on me on the way to their beds.

So imagine my great surprise when I rolled over onto my side in the middle of the night and promptly ran into.... something. I was still 99% sleeping at that point, so I began to whack the thing because the last time I checked, my beady pillow is pretty soft. As I whacked at the object, I became more and more awake. I finally sat straight up in bed and to my surprise and astonishment, none other than Pookie was laying on my bed! I had been smacking her leg the whole time. Once I realized that, I felt a little bad that I was waking her up, but she was in my bed:).

So now that I was completely wide awake, I came downstairs. As I checked e-mail, I heard a thud on the stairs. Carolyn was as shocked to see me as I was to see her:). Soon after using the bathroom and returning upstairs, I heard another thud on the stairs. This time it was Pookie:). I said, "Um, so why were you in my bed?" And she replied, "Well, actually, I thought you were in my bed and I couldn't figure out why you were in my bed!"

So I'm not necessarily blaming it on the coffee-drinking episode from Monday afternoon, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to need coffee to stay awake later on today in the office!

And we all know how much I love coffee....

... or NOT!


Emily said...

lol! its a caffeinated-creepy version of the three little bears!! :D

Rachel said...

Haha wow! Thats quit a story Anne :)

Big bro tom said...

Ahh, it makes my heart happy to welcome another member to the wild sleepwalking club. Tell Pookie that she is not alone and it's alright. LOL, I needed that. Besides that how are you? (and I promise to get on facebook soon).

No No Nanette said...

are you saying you do not enjoy coffee?!

Rachel said...

I was hoping I would hear the *rest of the story*...
You guys are funny. :)

Melissa said...

Um, wow, those new lyrics are rather freaky

Anne said...

Gotta admit, Nanette, I am not a coffee drinker... pass the hot chocolate!