Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thunderstorms And Bowling.

On Friday afternoon, the skies above Bangkok opened up and we had one gully washer of a storm! This exciting moment made all production in the office cease for a bit as we looked out and saw rain, rain, rain coming down. The last time it rained was at the end of October, so you can imagine our delight in seeing some wet stuff 4 1/2 months later. It's not even rainy season yet:).

We eventually went back to work, but were startled when we heard a loud "ka-boom!" of thunder. I leaned over to Carolyn and jokingly said, "God's bowling again!" because that's what I thought thunder was when I was younger. Carolyn used to think it was the angels bowling, so we all got a good chuckle over that.

A few minutes later all was quiet when we heard KA-BOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Without missing a beat, Carolyn said, "STRIKE!" Myra, Pookie, and I lost it and started laughing. Of course Bro. Tom turned to look at us girls laughing hysterically and just shook his head:). When the laughter died down, I asked, "So how can you tell if it's a spare?" and then Carolyn started laughing:). Good times, good times!

For the record, I was still chuckling about it when I went to bed several hours later. From now on, I think thunderstorms and bowling are going to be associated in my mind!

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Melissa said...

Our parents always told us it was the angels bowling too. :) :) So I still think that, and my husband thinks I'm weird. :-D