Friday, March 6, 2009

The Week Is Over!

I think we were looking forward to this week being over before it even started. That speaks volumes, doesn't it? :) We've been having some major, and I do mean major, computer problems in our office for about a month now. Bro. Tom put out a plea for help and we started praying! After several people wanted to come help but couldn't, we finally had a church in Texas call us up two weeks ago saying they were sending over a couple to come work on our system. There was some shouting going on that day!!!

Jeff and Sarah flew in last Friday night and after Jeff looked over our system on Saturday, he had some healthy fear for our system. He has done a marvelous job all this week, but (and this should tell you just how bad of shape we're in) he decided to push back his departure date by a few days. They were supposed to leave late Sunday night (hello midnight departure flight) but are now leaving Wednesday night. That gives Jeff a little breathing room instead of working until 2 AM every morning.

But in the mean time, this week is over and we're very happy about that! It's Friday night and four of us are sprawled out in our living room - laptops open! - while two others are down at the hair salon.

Yup, the party is right here:).


Jennifer said...

How did we ever live without computers? Ha ha!

Emily said...

My computer hates me right now... I keep offering him chocolate but apparently that only works for Delilah.

Anyway... they've changed the comic format in the Morning Call... after they removed those comics I really think that entire section has just degenerated into the half hearted smile page, rather than the funnies. Its sad.

ANNE GIRL. I killed a hyacinth. I watered it sometimes and it still died. So i put it outside and does that make it my fault now? I feel guilty every time I look at it.

I <3 you!

Dani Joy said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. that sure does slow things down. Who ever said that computers made things easier? I often wonder.
Hope next week goes better.
I have had a tough week too. Basically with scheduling, discipline, and loss of patience. :(

Anne said...

Well, Jennifer, I hear a missionary often say: "I hate computers":). So I'm fairly confident he *could* live without computers:D.

Emmers ~ Deliah also accepted chocolate cake:), so maybe you should try that. And I was pretty disgusted with the comic section too... I don't think I could deal with a half-hearted smile comic after all the laughs we got out of the full-fledged two pages. Dilbert is forever associated in my mind with utter hilarity:D.... and Nat trying to explain it to us:). Killing plants again??? Without me? I suppose that's fair since I killed a turtle and 10 fish (whoops!). Miss ya girlie!!!

Dani Joy ~ Ooh I think I would rather have the week I had than your week;). Hope this week is looking better for you!