Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In The Morning.

Two team members sit in the early hours of the morning, laptops open. One is still fighting jet lag; the other is an early-riser. The clock ticks by as two other team members slumber on. Slowly the day takes shape. "Good mornings" are exchanged, followed by the oh-so-telling question: "Did you sleep?" The small house begins to stir and the kitchen becomes alive with activity. "Good morning" is shared across the kitchen wall with the missionary and his wife. The offer for coffee is made on the one side of the wall and gratefully accepted by the jet-lagged team member on the other side of the wall.

The aroma of bacon sizzling in the oven accompanies most mornings. The upstairs bathroom door squeaks as it is closed. The early-riser tiptoes into the bedroom, mindful of her roommate sleeping. Invariably the wardrobe door catches and slams shut. The early-riser cautiously peeks over at the roommate and breathes a sigh of relief when she continues to sleep.

The turtle makes a noise in his tank, indicating he wants breakfast. Team members buzz around the refrigerator and toaster oven, trying to scrape together something to eat. The ladies slowly gather in the living room, some with coffee mugs in their hands.

The next several minutes are spent talking and laughing over various stories. Eventually the missionary's wife asks, "So, has anyone heard from home?" Prayer requests are shared or updated. Some require explaining before heads bob in agreement.

And then? Then we pray. Each team member prays, asking the Lord to meet the needs of the day, to work in situations, to convict unsaved family members, to strengthen the churches represented in the room, to encourage the pastors of those churches, to call laborers into His harvest field.

And in that moment, the most important time of our day takes place.


Emily said...

GREAT post!! I loved your descriptions... I definitely felt as though I were there peeking in on your life. :-)

i'm so glad you have a turtle.

Tori said...

Wonderful post, I loved this!!

The most important thing of the day takes place. Wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Times like those are priceless!

Rachel said...

I miss those times with Miss Krinny and the girls... It certainly helps bring everyone together and reminds the whole team of Who is really in control! Thanks for writing this...it brought back good memories.